Past Events

May 6, 2024:  Challenges & Considerations of Liquidity Options in Today's Environment

   Anna Tomczyk, Corporate & Securities Partner, Dechert LLP

   John Alam, CEO, CervoMed

   Olga Danilchanka, Principal, MRL Venture Fund

   Peter Day, Global Group Head, Healthcare Investment Banking, Piper Sandler

   Moderated by John Alessi, Corporate & Security Counsel, Dechert LLP

March 12, 2024:  The Expanding Role of Pharma in our Ecosystem

   Fei Shen, Managing Director, Boehringer-Ingelheim Venture Fund

   Jim MacKrell, Associate VP & Head of Lilly Ventures

   Rosana Kapeller, President & CEO, Rome Therapeutics

   Sandra Glucksmann, CEO, Sensorium Therapeutics

   Moderated by Imran Nasrullah, VP & Head, Collaborate to Cure Hub US, Business 

Development & Licensing, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

January 22, 2024:  JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Recap

   Bill Collins, Partner, Life Sciences Practice, Goodwin

   Christine Brennan, Managing Director, Vertex Ventures

   James Ehret, Managing Director, Life Sciences Venture Banking, Banc of California

   Linda Bain, COO & CFO, Mariana Oncology

   Moderated by Bruce Ledoux, Executive Director, JP Morgan

December 4, 2023:  Holiday Cocktail Party

October 23, 2023:  Opportunities & Challenges in Small Molecule Therapeutics

  Anjali Kumar, Head of Business Development, Cellarity

  Dean Brown, SVP & Head of Discovery Sciences, Jnana Therapeutics

  Elena Diez Cecilia, Sr Director, External Innovation DPDS, Janssen R&D at J&J

  Sudhakar Garad, Global Head of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Profiling, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical 


  Moderated by Ronak Savla, Director, Strategic Ventures, Catalent Pharma Solutions

September 18, 2023:  Harnessing Your Investments:  Doing More with Less

  Katy Georgiadis, Sr Consultant, Program Leader, Halloran Consulting Group

  Kiran Reddy, Sr Managing Director, Blackstone Life Sciences

  Liz Reczek, CEO, Neutron Therapeutics

  Omar Khalil, Partner, Sante Ventures

  Moderated by Katie McCarthy, Chief Innovation Officer, Halloran Consulting Group

June 13, 2023:  Implications of the Inflation Reduction Act

   Erin Mistry, Chief Commercial Officer, Cormedix

   Jaclyn Martin, Market Access, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

   Ned Sharpless, Former Director, NCI, & Jupiter Bioventures

   Tess Cameron, Principal, RA Capital

   Moderated by Imran Nasrullah, VP & Head, Collaborate to Cure Hub US, BD & L, Bayer

May 2, 2023:  What you Don't Know CAN Kill you:  The Importance of Risk Management

   Alejandra Carvajal, SVP, Chief Legal Officer, Mersana Therapeutics

   Ed Downey, Enterprise Risk Management, Danforth Advisors

   Robert Forrester, Co-founder & Director, IDRx, Inc.

   Tamara Joseph, Chief Legal Officer, Spero Therapeutics

   Moderated by Gregg Beloff, Managing Partner, Danforth Advisors

March 13, 2023:  Managing Culture in Chaos

    Art Krieg, UMASS Chan Medical School RNA Therapeutics Institute

   Jacob Becraft, Co-founder & CEO, Strand Therapeutics

   Marion Dorsch, President & CSO, Atavistik Bio

   Moderated by Dave Melville, Founder & CEO, The Bowdoin Group

January 31, 2023:  JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Recap

   Abbas Kazimi, CBO, Nimbus Therapeutics

   Jodie Morrison, CEO, Q32 Bio

   John Whittaker, Managing Director, JP Morgan

   Ramani Varanasi, Managing Director, ReVive Advisors

   Moderated by Bruce Ledoux, Executive Director, JP Morgan


November 15, 2022:  Scaling at the Speed of Change

   Frances Johnson, COO, Viewpoint Molecular Targeting

   John McCabe, CFO, Orna Therapeutics

   Molly Robb, Managing Partner, Diversified Search

   Rob MacDougall, CEO, MarathonLS

   Moderated by Joe Goldberg, National Life Sciences Industry Consulting Leader, 


October 18, 2022:  Data Ownership

   Guarav Singal, Physician, Brigham & Women's Hospital

   Glenn Cohen, Deputy Dean, Harvard Law School

   Jared Kesselheim, Managing Partner, Transformational Capital

   Moderated by Julia Hesse, Partner, Healthcare Group, Choate Hall & Stewart LLP

September 12, 2022:  Virtual Clinical Trials:  Are they here to Stay?

   Amanda McEwen, VP, Clinical Development, Elevian Therapeutics

   Jennifer Cormier, SVP, Clinical Operations, PepGen

   Laurie Halloran, President & CEO, Halloran Consulting Group, Inc

   Moderated by Sean Wall, PPD, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific

June 6, 2022:  Opportunities & Challenges with Cell & Gene Therapies

   Tina Liu, Co-Founder, Skylark Bio

   Lantz Mackey, Cell Therapy Development, Novartis

   Tino Quintero, Chief Commercial Officer, Locus Biosciences

   Chandra Ramanathan, EIR, MassGeneral Brigham

   Moderated by Elizabeth Woo, VP & General Manager, Cell & Gene Therapies,

      Thermo Fisher Scientific

April 28, 2022:  The Challenges of Being a Public Company

   Gregg Beloff, Managing Director, Danforth Advisors

   Aoife Brennan, CEO, Synlogic, Inc

   Scott Hansen, Head, Life Sciences, Venture Banking, Pacific Western Bank

   Ivana Liebisch, CEO & President, Vigil Neuroscience

   Moderated by Bruce Booth, Partner, Atlas Venture

March 15, 2022:  Therapeutic Interventions for Healthy Aging

   Tom Hughes, CEO, Navitor Pharmaceuticals

   Joan Mannick, Co-founder and CEO, Tornado Therapeutics

   Moderated by Jens Eckstein, Partner, Apollo Health Ventures

February 3, 2022:  Cultivating the Next Generation

   Abe Ceesay, President, Cerevel Therapeutics

   Paula Soteropoulos, Chairman of the Board, Ensoma

   Alan Walts, Venture Partner, Advent Life Sciences

   Moderated by Dave Melville, Founder & CEO, The Bowdoin Group

December 1, 2021:  Holiday Cocktail & Wine Tasting Reception

November 16, 2021:  The Pros & Cons of Controversial FDA Approvals

   Art Krieg, CSO & Founder, Checkmate Pharmaceuticals

   Christine McSherry, CEO, Casimir LLC

   Erin Mistry, SVP Payer Strategy, Government Affairs & Trade, Cormedix

   Martin Tolar, CEO, Alzheon

   Moderated by Katie Brandt, Director, Caregiver Support Services & Public Relations, Mass General

  Hospital Frontotemporal Disorders Unit

November 2, 2021:  Cybersecurity Awareness:  Protecting Yourself & Your Company

   Ileana van der Linde, Executive Director, JP Morgan Cybersecurity Awareness 

   Global Program

October 18, 2021:  The Rising Asymmetry in Deal Terms across our Ecosystem

   John Delyani, CBO, Repertoire Immune Medicines

   Lauren Foster, Director, MIT Life Sciences Technology Licensing Team

   Michal Preminger, Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation

   Moderated by Brian Goldstein, Partner, Choate Hall & Stewart

September 13,  2021:  Long-Term Planning in a Bull Market

   Mike Gilman, CEO, Arrakis Therapeutics

   Scott Hansen, EVP & Head of Life Sciences Venture Banking, Pacific Western Bank

   Holly Whittemore, CFO, Nimbus Therapeutics

   Moderated by Bruce Ledoux, Executive Director, JP Morgan Securities 

June 15, 2021: The SPAC Attack

   Gregg Beloff, Managing Director, Danforth Advisors

   Jason Meyenburg, CEO, Gemini Therapeutics

   Geoff Meyerson, CEO & Co-founder, Locust Walk 

May 11, 2021: The Future of RNA Therapies

   Frank DeRosa, CTO, Translate Bio

   Robert Meehan, Sr. Director, Clinical Development, Moderna

   Jennifer Petter, Founder & CSO, Arrakis Therapeutics

   Moderated by Bruce Ledoux, Executive Director, JP Morgan Securities 

April 7, 2021: Tax Policy Changes

    Adam Frank, Head of Wealth Management, JP Morgan Securities

    Fred Gordon, Sr. Director, National Tax, RSM 

    Moderated by Chris Cavallo, Partner, Tax Services, RSM

March 15, 2021:  The Future of the JPM Healthcare Conference

    Angus Grant, Chief Business Executive, BeiGene

    Lis Leiderman, CFO & Head of Corporate Development, Decibel Therapeutics

    Moderated by David Ke, Managing Director, Investment Banking, JP Morgan Securities

February 23, 2021:  Leadership during COVID

    Chris Garabedian, CEO, Xontogeny

    Jodie Morrison, CEO, Cadent Therapeutics

    Ramani Varanasi, President & CEO, X-Biotix Therapeutics

    Moderated by Jennifer Reilly, President & COO, Safety Partners

October 13, 2020:  Fundraising during a Pandemic (part 2)

    Doug Carlson, CFO, Ikena Oncology

    Nilesh Kumar, Partner, Novo Ventures

    Scott Hansen, EVP, Head of Life Sciences, Pacific Western Bank

    Brian Gallagher, Partner, Abingworth

September 24, 2020:  Fundraising during a Pandemic

    Stuart Chaffee, CBO, Praxis Medicines

    Brian Gallagher, Partner, Abingworth

    Keith Dionne, CEO, Casma Therapeutics

    John Gustofson, Managing Director, AbbVie Ventures

February 3, 2020:  Top Considerations when Engaging a Potential Strategic Partnership

    Mary Lynne Hedley, President & COO, Tesaro

    Briane Fenton, CBO, Translate Bio

    Maude Tessier, CBO, Ikena Oncology

    Moderated by Imran Nasrullah, Director, Strategic Partnering, BD & L, Boehringer-Ingelheim

December 2019:  Building your C-Suite

    Stuart Chaffee, CBO, Praxis Medicines

    Michelle Doig, Partner, Omega Funds

    Chris Robinson, Chief Talent Officer, Third Rock Ventures

    Moderated by Keiran English, Partner, Spencer Stuart

October 2019:  The Evolving Role of Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technology in Drug Discovery

    Rosana Kapellar, EIR, Google Ventures

    Arthur Hiller, Chief Corporate Development Office, Nuritas

    Bennett Moore, Lead Digital Asset Resource, RSM US

    Moderated by Bruce Ledoux, Executive Director, JP Morgan Securities

September 2019:  The Nuts & Bolts of Company Formation

    Paulina Hill, Partner, Omega Funds

    Samantha Truex, CEO, Quench Bio

    Brian Goldstein, Partner, Choate Hall & Stewart

    Scott Hansen, Managing Director, Pacific Western Bank

    Moderated by Bruce Ledoux, Executive Director, JP Morgan Securities

May 2019:  Charles River Fever:  Is a Cambridge Address Necessary for Success?

    Robert Urban, Former/Retired Global Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, LLC

    Jim Broderick, CEO, Palleon Pharmaceuticals

    Paula Cloghessy, Chief Human Resources Officer, Translate Bio

    Dave Melville, CEO & Founder, The Bowdoin Group

    Moderated by Bruce Ledoux, Executive Director, JP Morgan Securities

March 2019:  Measuring Readiness and Preparing your IPO

    Reenie McCarthy, CEO, Stealth Biotherapeutics

    John Maxwell, CFO, Aquestive Therapeutics

    Gregg Beloff, Managing Director, Danforth Advisors

    Moderated by Greg Schernecke, Partner at Dechert LLP

February 2019:  Company Growth & Evolution of the Board

    Praveen Tipirneni, CEO, Morphic Therapeutics

    Bill Collins, Partner, Life Sciences Practice at Goodwin

    Bruce Rycklik, Managing Partner at Park Square Executive Search

    Moderated by Bruce Ledoux, JP Morgan Securities

December 2018:  Policy, Pricing & Patient Affordability:  A Discussion on Reimbursement

    Amitabh Chandra, Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government

    Jamey Millar, GlaxoSmithKline

    Moderated by Bruce Ledoux, JP Morgan Securities

October 2018:  Patent Strategy & Management: IP Diligence for Companies & Investors & Maximizing Portfolio ROI

    John McDonald, Biogen

    Paul Burgess, Translate Bio

    Karen Sinclair, Harvard University

    Moderated by Andrea Reid, Dechert LLP

September 2018:  The Evolution of Finance

    Steve Robinette, Atlas Ventures

    David Ke, JP Morgan 

    Michal Preminger, J&J Innovation Center

    Brian Goldstein, Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP

    Moderated by Bruce Ledoux, JP Morgan Securities

May 2018:  Structuring of Equity Compensation Models

    Jeb Keiper, Nimbus Therapeutics

    Paula Cloghessy, Translate Bio

    Anne Longmire, JP Morgan Securities

    Ram Kumar, Radford

    Moderated by Bruce Ledoux, JP Morgan Securities

April 2018:  Analysis of Oligonucleotides:  Pros & Cons of Various Analytical Platforms

    David Citerone, Frontage Laboratories

    Jing Li, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

February 2018:  Tax Reform and its Implications to the Biotech Executive

    Adam Frank, JP Morgan Securities

    Robert McDonald, Partner, RSM

    Moderated by Bruce Ledoux, JP Morgan Securities  

November 2017:  Strategic vs IPO:  A Point & Counterpoint Discussion

    Ron Renaud,  CEO, Translate Bio

    Doug Fambrough, CEO, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

    Moderated by Bruce Ledoux, JP Morgan Securities

October 2017:  Advances in Biomolecule Analysis:  A CMC Perspective

    X. Sunney Xie- Harvard University

    Desiree Tsao- Momenta Pharmaceuticals

    Min Zhao- Frontage Labs

June 2017:  Maximizing Value in a Merger & Acquisition or IPO Transaction

    Phil Ross, JP Morgan

April 2017:  Approaches to Immunogenicity Validations and the Impact of the Data on Early Clinical Development

    Kevin Carleton- inVentiv Health

    Susan Sloan- Visterra, Inc.

March 2017:  Real World Evidence:  The Convergence of Commercial & Clinical

    David Thompson- inVentiv Health

    Paul Hodgkins- Vertex

    Arthur Hiller- Antyllus Therapeutics

    Bryan Katz- inVentiv Health

December 2016:  Holiday Cocktail Party

November 2016:  Investigations into ISR (Incurred Sample Reproducibility) Failures

    Pierre-Yves Caron- inVentiv Health

    Case Studies presented by Krista Condon (Eisai), Eric David (Biogen), Estela Skende (Sunovion), 

    Heidi Mangus (Agios), and Mark Milton (Novartis)

September 2016:  Regulatory Strategy    

    Carolyn Finkle- inVentiv Health

    Stephane Lamouche- inVentiv Health

June 2016Bioanalytical Challenges in Gene & Cellular Therapies and Biotherapeutics

    Lilian Yengi- Bluebird Bio

    Thomas Oglesby- inVentiv Health

May 2016:  Commercial Viability 

    Angus Bromley- inVentiv Health

    Waynne Waterfield- inVentiv Health

    Arthur Hiller- Commercial Strategy Consultant 

March 2016Use of Proteomics to Identify Biomarkers

    Richard Lipscombe- Proteomics International

    Ru Wei- Biogen

Sept 2015QT Assessments in Early Phase Trials

    Borje Darpo- iCardiac Technologies, Inc

    Sherilyn Adcock- Worldwide Clinical Trials

June 2015:  CRO Selection:  What are you looking for in your CRO Partner?

   Liyu Yang- Biogen

    Jim Vath- Zafgen

    Peter Benton- Worldwide Clinical Trials

March 2015Use of Adaptive Protocols in Drug Development

    Jim Gilbert- True North Therapeutics

    Gordon Loewen- Forum Pharmaceuticals

    Darrell Nix- Drug Development Consulting

Sept 2014:  When Novelty is not Enough:  Creating Value Early and Throughout the Development Process

    Mike Murphy- Worldwide Clinical Trials

May 2014:  Use of Radiolabeled Studies in your Development Program

    Wim Tamminga- QPS

    Eric Solon- QPS

Jan 2014:  The New Draft FDA BMV Guidance

September 2013Validation of Biomarkers in the Bioanalytical Lab

    Juan Chavez- Biogen

    Jeff Moran- QPS

June 2013:  Development of Bioanalytical Strategies for Characterization of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

    Dawn Dufield- Pfizer

    Seema Kumar- Pfizer

March 2013Issues with Metabolites

    Caroline Lee- QPS

Jan 2013:  Challenges in Alzheimer's Drug Development

    Manfred Windisch- QPS (formerly JSW Life Sciences)

Oct 2012:  Combining Autoradiography and Bioanalytical Techniques in Drug Discovery

    Grace Poon- Syndexa

    Eric Solon- QPS

June 2012:  Preclinical Data Frontloading: An ADMET Perspective

    Sanjeev Thohan, Novartis

    Jian Yu- QPS

Jan 2012:  New EMA BMV Guidance

    Jeff Moran- QPS

Oct 2011:  Protein analysis by LC-MS/MS

    Joe Palandra- Pfizer

    Ben van Baar- QPS

June 2011: Tissue Bioanalysis

    Stacy Ho - Genzyme

    Zamas Lam - QPS

March 2011: Dry Blood Spot

    Krista Condon - Eisai

    Jaap Weiling - QPS