May 22, 2024:  Harnessing Your Investments: Doing More with Less

   Marcia Moore, COO, Cardurion Therapeutics

   Scott Phillips, CFO, Halda Therapeutics

   Tim Siegert, COO, Allyx Therapeutics

   Moderated by Josh Gillum, VP of Business Development, Evotec

November 8, 2023:  Development Strategy for Preclinical to Clinical Success

  Alexia Kedves, Sr Director, CSO Partner Team, Curie.Bio

  Catherine Mesner, Advisor, Danforth Advisors

  Jennifer Good, President & CEO, Trevi Therapeutics

  Paul Miller, CSO, Artizan Biosciences

  Moderated by Ramani Varanasi, Managing Director, Danforth Advisors

April 19, 2023:  The Role of Executive Leadership in Building Innovation-Focused Cultures

   Kat Kaiser-Bricker, CSO, Halda Therapeutics

   Ranjit Bindra, CEO, Modifi Bio

   Rob Berman, Co-founder, Biohaven Pharmaceuticals & Adjunct Prof of Psychiatry, Yale

   Moderated by John Hallinan, CDO, Danforth Advisors

October 12, 2022:  Alternative Forms of Financing

   Jenn Beecham, Associate Director, Blavatnik Fund

   Mary Anne Rooke, Managing Director, Angel Investor Forum

   Michael Invernale, Sr Licensing Manager, UCONN & Consultant, CTNext

   Randy Teel, Corporate Strategy & Bus Dev, Arvinas

   Moderated by Gregg Beloff, Managing Director, Danforth Advisors

May 11, 2022:  Challenges of Being a Public Company

   David Wurzer, Venture Partner, Connecticut Innovations

   Erika Smith, CEO, ReNetX Bio

   Lisa Delfini, CFO, Trevi Therapeutics

   Moderated by Gregg Beloff, Managing Director, Danforth Advisors