November 8, 2023:  Development Strategy for Preclinical to Clinical Success

  Alexia Kedves, Sr Director, CSO Partner Team, Curie.Bio

  Catherine Mesner, Advisor, Danforth Advisors

  Jennifer Good, President & CEO, Trevi Therapeutics

  Paul Miller, CSO, Artizan Biosciences

  Moderated by Ramani Varanasi, Managing Director, Danforth Advisors

April 19, 2023:  The Role of Executive Leadership in Building Innovation-Focused Cultures

   Kat Kaiser-Bricker, CSO, Halda Therapeutics

   Ranjit Bindra, CEO, Modifi Bio

   Rob Berman, Co-founder, Biohaven Pharmaceuticals & Adjunct Prof of Psychiatry, Yale

   Moderated by John Hallinan, CDO, Danforth Advisors

October 12, 2022:  Alternative Forms of Financing

   Jenn Beecham, Associate Director, Blavatnik Fund

   Mary Anne Rooke, Managing Director, Angel Investor Forum

   Michael Invernale, Sr Licensing Manager, UCONN & Consultant, CTNext

   Randy Teel, Corporate Strategy & Bus Dev, Arvinas

   Moderated by Gregg Beloff, Managing Director, Danforth Advisors

May 11, 2022:  Challenges of Being a Public Company

   David Wurzer, Venture Partner, Connecticut Innovations

   Erika Smith, CEO, ReNetX Bio

   Lisa Delfini, CFO, Trevi Therapeutics

   Moderated by Gregg Beloff, Managing Director, Danforth Advisors