The Boston Biotech Forum meetings are organized and hosted by Founder and President, Wendy Nelson, PhD.  Formerly called the Boston Cambridge Bioanalytical Discussion Group, the group was initiated in 2011 to address pertinent industry topics with experts from many local biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.  Participants are primarily executive level folks from the local biopharma ecosystem as well as venture capitalists.  Dinners are informal in nature and encourage extensive networking, collaboration, Q&A and discussion. 

Participation in the Boston Biotech Forum is by invitation only, and event participation is limited to maintain an intimate and collaborative setting for presentation and discussion of relevant subjects.  The distribution list includes over 500 professionals from over 140 local biotech and pharma companies and venture firms.  If you would like to receive an invitation to join the group, please request an invitation via email.    

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UNFORTUNATELY DUE TO THE ONGOING COVID-19 SITUATION, IT IS UNCLEAR WHEN I WILL BE ABLE TO HOST ANOTHER DINNER EVENTS.    If you would like more information on this forum, please contact me at  

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